The company’s main emphasis of work is custom residential landscape design and build, specializing in combining carefully selected plantings with the utilization of rock and stone work for both function and aesthetics in a landscape.



2D and 3D Design

Coastal Range Landscaping has over 25 years of dedication to designing and installing attractive and sustainable landscapes with water conservation and environmental enhancement as integral parts of the process. We offer detailed 2D Plans, High Resolution 3D Renderings, and video walk-thrus of Hardscape and Landscape Features.


We strive to design and install natural appearing landscapes using a large variety of stone from crushed rock, river rock, small to large boulders, flat rock, and flagstone.


Many years of experience with plantings and observation of plant success in different landscape environments have given us an advantage in knowing what plants will thrive and compliment the infrastructure of each design. We place emphasis on careful plant selection, as the right plantings are like the final blend of colors and textures in a painting which results in a work of art.

Water Features, Including Rainwater Harvesting

Our waterfalls, streams and ponds look and sound like the real thing. They are constructed using top of the line materials and components. Pondless waterfalls are also available. Underground Storage of Harvested Rainwater is often combined with Water Features to create a self-sustaining feature that provides beautiful focal points and wildlife habitats.

Water Management Solutions

We design and install irrigation systems with great attention given to water conservation. Designing for proper coverage with minimal waste is the basis for our irrigation installations. Low volume spray and drip irrigation are the most frequently installed systems in our landscapes.


Arbors, pergolas, vegetable planter, trellises, bridges, benches, fences, play enclosures, gates and decks all add an artistic element to landscapes.

Lighting System

We install outdoor low voltage landscape lighting using high quality components. (Warm Color LED, Smart Phone Control Available) More than 50% of our customers request lighting systems and they normally request expanding the system at future date after seeing the enchanting effects of night lighting.

Hardscape Details:

  • Rock Walls: One of our main specialties, dry-stacked rock walls, add an immediate long-lasting natural feature to landscapes.
  • Flagstone over concrete overlays and flagstone over compacted sand with plantings between stones are popular requests and are also among our main specialties.
  • Pathways of crushed rock and flagstone combined with plantings create beautiful natural landscapes.
  • Natural Stone Features: Fireplace, Fire Pit, Columns
  • Dry Creekbeds: Add aesthetic and often functional value to a landscape, serving as drainage fields in many cases.
  • Pavers, SRW
  • Reinforced Concrete